Basic policy

The ASEED Group has set the following group vision, formulated based on its management philosophy, and has placed contributing to the realization of a sustainable society at the center of its management.


People, the earth, the future

—for smiles and good health

We declare that we will continue to sow the seeds of our desire to make people, the earth, and the future healthier with more smiles, and grow every day while contributing to the realization of this goal.

1. Through beverages and foods, we provide healthy life scenes full of smiles and enrichment.
2. We work lively and with a smile, and live a rich and healthy life.
3. We will continue to grow sustainably in harmony with the earth for the future.


Initiatives formulated by the “Sustainability Committee”, which consists of the plant managers and general managers of the administrative headquarters of each group company, are discussed by the “Branding Committee”, which is responsible for realizing the management philosophy, and the content of these discussions is submitted to the “Board of Directors” before being incorporated into overall strategies.

Materiality Mid-term Goals

Providing healthy living scenes full of smiles and enrichment
Safe and Secure Quality
Establish a high level of quality assurance system by utilizing an international standard food safety system.
Constantly pursue a quality level of safety and security, and aim for zero quality problems.
Providing new value
Promote the development of health-conscious products that bring smiles and health.
Continue to produce products that can be stored for long periods of time to be useful in times of disaster.
Work with a lively smile and lead a rich and healthy life
Creating job satisfaction
Create a comfortable work environment by encouraging employees to take advantage of the parental leave system.
Continue to develop the necessary workplace environment through certification as a Hiroshima Prefecture Company Practicing Workplace Reform.

Diversity and Human Rights
The goal is to create a work environment where each individual has a deeper understanding of diversity and can work with vigor and enthusiasm.
Increase the number of female managers by providing appropriate training opportunities.
Increase the number of new female hires through a recruitment plan that considers the suitability of each individual.
Human Resource Development
Continue the Management School to nurture highly motivated individuals who will be responsible for future management.
Develop a management team with a broad perspective through executive training focusing on governance.
Continuing sustainable growth in harmony with the earth for the future
Prevention of Global Warming
Continue to reduce energy intensity at company-owned plants. Reduce CO2 emissions by introducing solar power generation.
Waste Reduction
Reduce food waste at operating companies.
Increase the utilization rate of environmental business within the group and contribute to the recycling of product waste.

Preservation of water resources
Reduce total water consumption at production plants.
Support environmental conservation activities by cooperating in the installation of fund-raising vending machines for the purpose of forest protection.

Reduction of plastic waste
Participated in the “GREENSEA Setouchi Hiroshima Platform” to work with local communities to solve social issues.

Contribution to the community

Raise awareness through the donation of products to food banks.
Deepen ties with the community through sponsorship of local community sports organizations.