Management Philosophy

Group Corporate Philosophy

“Tomorrow’s seeds (asu no seeds)”* will bear fruit and grow into a good stable tree by adapting to the surrounding environment.

Based on the law of causality, we endeavor to operate our business in accordance with morality and the principle of chikou-goitsu, which means that awareness comes only through practice.  We pursue customer satisfaction with the best quality and sincerity, thereby helping realize a prosperous society by ensuring good health and happiness for people.

*The company name ASEED was created by combining part of the Japanese word for tomorrow, asu, and the English word seed.

Group Vision


People, the earth, and the future

—for smiles and good health

We at the ASEED Group declare that we will continue to -sow seeds, aiming to bring smiles and better health to people, the earth, and the future, and that we will achieve daily growth toward this goal.

(1) We will provide a healthy, enriched life full of smiles through beverages and foods.

(2) We will work enthusiastically with a smile on our face and lead an enriched and healthy life.

(3) We will continue sustainable growth in harmony with the earth for our future.

Group Mission

Maximizing the effectiveness of balanced corporate value

Business valueWe will provide excellent technologies, products and services that meet the needs of the times and customers to make our society more convenient, thereby realizing a truly affluent society through cooperation with consumers.
Human valueBased on respect for humans and human resource development, we will strive to enhance the welfare of our employees and develop their abilities, providing them with a place for self-fulfillment as a working individual.
Social valueTo help nature, mankind and society develop in a sustainable and harmonious manner, we will play an active role as a good member of civil society.
Capital valuesWe will work together with all available resources to secure profits (seeds) for tomorrow’s business activities (harvest) and strive to increase our added value, which is required as “future costs” for corporate survival and transformation.