Other Business

Logistics Business

Product Management

We reserve a variable area for each customer to match the amount of inventory requested. We can respond to increases or decreases in inventory volume, such as seasonal products or large purchases. We try to keep the storage area in line with the inventory volume without wastage.

Delivery agent
(warehousing, inventory control, order management, sorting, etc.)

We can immediately report any discrepancies in quantity or damage to the goods we receive. We can prevent shortages and excess inventory by managing order data. We will deliver the required quantity to the designated destination according to the required delivery date.

Distribution processing
(light assembly, packaging, inspection, etc., general pre-shipment processing)

Inspection, assembly, sealing, assembly, shipping, and complicated work… We have a shortage of manpower during the busy season and a surplus of manpower during the off-season. Please consult with us about anything. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

Transportation services
(general transportation logistics for products handled)

We can handle everything from milk-run transportation, where we pick up products from multiple companies, to just-in-time production systems for assembly plants, to shipping to individuals. We handle everything from large to small items.


Logistics Center
1714-2, Shimotuboyama, Shimotuke City, Tochigi, Japan
Gross floor area:9,058㎡
Site area:14,579㎡
Based in Okayama32-5, Urayasu Honmachi, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama, Japan
Gross floor area:990㎡
Site area:5,280㎡
Okayama Hujita
582-2, Fujita, Minami-ku, Okayama City Okayama, Japan
Gross floor area:2,000㎡
Based in Kurashiki1477, Nakajima, Kurashiki City, Okayama, Japan
Gross floor area:1,320㎡
Site area:3,300㎡



32-5, Urayasu Honmachi, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama 702-8026, Japan
TEL 086-362-7315

Environmental Business

In accordance with the Food Recycling Law, we accept industrial waste (leftover food from food production and processing) and recycle it into solid fuel (pellets) and fertilizer through drying.

Scope of business

Business segmentIntermediate processing (sorting, drying, crushing, molding)
Types of industrial waste
Waste acid, waste plastics, animal and vegetable residues, sludge, wood waste, rubber waste, etc.

Eco Logi

All facilities used for business purposes

Separate facilitiesProcessing capability:24.0t/day
Crushing facilitiesProcessing capability:
Waste plastics (4.60 tons/day), paper waste (3.72 tons/day), wood waste (4.82 tons/day),
fiber waste (3.77 tons/day), rubber waste (4.18 tons/day)
Molding facilitiesProcessing capability:6.0t/day
Drying facilitiesProcessing capability:10.0t/day



32-5, Urayasu Honmachi, Minami-ku, Okayama City, Okayama 702-8026, Japan
TEL 086-362-7315